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How to run your car on water without damaging your car? Autos Articles | July 24 Minnesota Vikings Jersey , 2008
With the latest water fuel cell technology, it is now possible that you can run your car on water but only if you buy the original water fuel kit

With the rising oil and gas prices, global warming and pollution, people are looking for the need of ?water fuel cell? technology Jason Sanders Jersey , which is believed to be very cheap, would save thousands on gas bills and which is also environment friendly. Many misconceptions and myths have made common man skeptical about running the car on water. But the question is ?how to run your car on water?? Is it true to run your car on water as claimed in many online and television commercial ads?


Well, no wonder technology called as ?water fuel cell technology? does exist, which converts your gas fuel car to run on water and thus helping you to save thousands on gas prices in the longer run. The technology invented by American Stanley Meyer in 1989. Though it was not popular or could not get worldwide recognition in those days perhaps the oil prices were in control Jerome Baker Jersey , but due to recent skyrocket oil and gas pricing, pollution and global warming concerns, water fuel cell technology is getting momentum, specially in U.S.


In U.S. Mike Gesicki Jersey , many automobile engineers have successfully undertaken the experiments on how to run the car on water and they have successfully created the ?water fuel kit? that are ready to do-it-yourself kits enabling you to convert your car to run on water yourself without facing any technical difficulties. Such kits are available for less than $200 per kit and with easy to follow instructions alongwith photos and videos, you should be able to fit into the car.


What advantage you will get from water fuel conversion kits?

1. You will be able to run your car on water easily

2. These kits are cheap and can be bought for less than $200. You will be able to recover the cost even in the first month of use!

3. Your can get between 40 to 80% better mileage.

4. You car will help reducing the pollution, it will be more environment friendly


The recent trials of ?water fuel cells? have shown very encouraging results. This system is fully reversible and does not damage the car anyway.


Please visit at how to run your car on water to know more about this new concept.

If one in ten calls to your voice mail results in a hang-up, there may be a good reason: No habla Espanol.
The US Census is releasing the results from the 2010 census and has revealed a vital demographic fact that affects all businesses: the estimated Hispanic population in the US is now above 48 million people. What does that mean for your business? Here’s a quick breakdown:
Hispanics comprise 16 percent of the population Minkah Fitzpatrick Jersey , the largest ethnic demographic.
Of the 48 million Hispanics, two-thirds are of Mexican origin: the largest Hispanic sub-group.
Spanish is spoken at home by 35 million people in the US: 12 percent of the population.
Over two million businesses in the US are owned by Hispanics.
Of all Hispanic-owned firms, over 45 percent are owned by people of Mexican origin, an increase of over 47 percent in five years.
Hispanic-owned businesses generated over 345 billion dollars in 2007; $155.5 billion alone by businesses owned by persons of Mexican origin.
Over 70 percent of all Mexican origin-owned businesses in the US are in either California (36.1 percent) or Texas (34.4 percent): 16.5 percent of all businesses in Texas.
The projected Hispanic population by the year 2050 is 132.8 million: 30 percent of the total US population.
What does this

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